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Garden Pea Soup

assembled ingredients


The last of this year’s peas have been made into soup. Any peas that did not make the soup cut are being dried for next year’s crop. Bacsinzky city ham and onion start the pot. Next some homemade chicken stock from the freezer. Simmer for 15-20 minutes and puree. We did not season in anyway. Good Stuff!


This stuff freezes wonderfully!


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Ten Dollar Greenhouse

We put this together for the garden in an evening. Ten dollars invested in three lengths of lath. Lashed some cross-supports, and stapled the plastic down, tied it all down with twine to battle the wind. Look closely to see two months worth of sweet pea growth trying to burst out.

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Mid-may sweet pea tendrils

Mid-May sweet pea tendrils climbing

What an amazing spring gardening season. The peas are nuts! Plant them everywhere. Eat the sprouts, the tendrils, the young leaves, and if there is any plant left in the late spring, eat the peas!

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