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Salvaged fireplace - woodburning oven

Assembled ingredients

As promised, pizza in the backyard oven. There will be much experimentation and some misses. Last night we had a hit! A simple pizza dough recipe from the family cookbook, some garden fresh herbs and arugula, and some leftover meatballs and sauce. Good Stuff!

Tonight we lowered the stone and surrounded it with coals, much better results. Further bulletins to follow.



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Should be the very last of them, Fabulous!

Peeled fresh tomatoes

Yes we are still picking, blanching, peeling, and seeding. Sadly, however, this chore is no more. Now we deal with the legacy, frozen marinara, canned peeled tomatoes, … We freeze the marinara in sandwich bags, just enough for two or three. Meatballs change it up deliciously. Sometimes we do the daylong pot of Bolognese sauce. Always a crowd pleaser. Check the recipe blog for these and more recipes. Good Stuff!

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