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cook until soft, but with a slight bite.

have all ingredients ready before assembly

As promised, fishcakes with the leftovers. Ordinarily we have fish with potato, then bind our cakes with potato. Not this time, today we use bread crumbs from the heels of our homemade bread. If using bread crumbs, always combine the fish ( crab, shrimp,…) with the crumbs first, that the crumbs absorb the flavor of the protein. Cool the sauteed onion and celery and add fresh herbs to the mix when you combine all the ingredients. Add enough egg to hold together, but keep in mind we are not making omelettes. drop into hot, deep oil or form into flat cakes and cook both sides in shallow oil. Good Stuff!


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Time to add the simple syrup to the blood orangecello. Notice the syrup in the cabinet. All temperatures must be equal before mixing. Prevents clouding. Strawberries on right have syrup ( we’ve sampled, it’s OK!) Strawberries at rear await syrup. Remember one month on booze, another month with the syrup, then strain. Good Stuff!

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Saute for only a minute or two on each side.

cook until soft, then add liquid

Got our first keeper of the season. Rod is marked at 30 inches, fish was around 24. Plenty of food for two. We’ll actually be having fishcakes with the leftovers today (post soon to come.) Served with corn mash, local asparagus, and pico de gallo. Corn mash is simply polenta with roast corn and sauteed onions and jalapenos. Use a mix of water or broth and milk. Finish with grated cheddar, butter, and cilantro. Good Stuff!

Served with Crianza

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Sun Tea

covered to keep out bugs, rain, dirt...

sweeten to taste. drink soon!

Sometimes the simplest preparations are the best. Sun tea, 1 bag for each cup of filtered water. It only takes a couple hours. Sun tea has a markedly mild flavor that can be brought down even more by adding more filtered water after brewing. Sweeten and lemon to taste. We like to leave the lemon in to leech out some lemon oil. Good Stuff!

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Pico de Gallo

assembled cold ingredients

When I dip, you dip, we dip...

Please do not buy salsa. Cold ingredients. You needn’t chop beautifully, chop coarsely and use your food processor. Wear gloves when chopping the jalapenos, remove the seeds if you like it mild. Remember the salt and a drop of oil, any oil, to make it shiny and pretty. Good Stuff!

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Fragolino update

On May 19 the berries went into the booze, on June 20, the simple syrup was made. Leave it in the same dark, cool place, you store the fragolino, overnight. Next day combine in a jar big enough and put away for another month. Good Stuff!

use the empty bottle to add as much sugar syrup as you added booze in the beginning.

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Fettucine Caprese

using the fett cutter

Dinner for two

Please make fresh pasta. Nothing compares. Chopped fresh tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, and mozzarella. This really takes minutes, plus about twenty minutes rest for the dough before rolling. Good Stuff!

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