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finished with yellow pico

assembled ingredients

beer battered

Thanks to the neighbor for the fresh fluke. Fish Tacos! The stovetop deep fryer is such a tough sell, but these make it worth the mess. Keep your mess down by using a high-sided pot only about 1/4 full of oil. Self rising flour will make a batter out of any liquid, including beer. Dry the fillets, pat them in flour, salt, and pepper, dredge in the batter and fry away. 375 degrees keeps the mess down, too. Much hotter can cause inordinate spatter. Crisp tortilla, beans, yellow tomato salsa, Good Stuff!


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Wascally Swine!

covered in tomato mojo marinade

Hittin the Weber

Smoked pork belly, what could go wrong? 4 bucks worth of pork. Marinade for some time in a high acid, high garlic, high flavor marinade. We used a tomato mojo. If you’ve too much, no worries, it will be your basting juice. Set up the offset smoker. Fire on one side with water pan over it, food on the other. We were advised to put heavy duty foil under the roast, next time we will just use another piepan. Monitor the temperature constantly. 275. Maintain by controlling the amount of air entering and leaving the grill. 5 or 6 hours until internal temperature is 170 for slicing, 195 for pulling. Good Stuff!

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Wholesome Goodness

Assembled ingredients

I knead you

Fresh homemade bread made better. We’ve been adding two tablespoons wheat germ and one tablespoon wheat bran for each cup flour. We bought some lard for pie crusts and used it as the shortening in this bread. Great move. Assemble all your ingredients and pay attention to the temperatures called for in your recipe. Good Stuff!

risen til doubled in bulk

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pickled pearl onions

Can you imagine? Farm fresh onions. Found ’em at Balsam Farms among other farmstands. Reds, yellows, and my wife’s particular favorites, pearls and marbles. We roasted some for dinner, cooked them whole in a hash with farm fresh fingerling potatoes. Roasted these dry for a very short time. Parcooked really, makes for easy peeling and efficient pickling. One fresh bayleaf and a couple peppercorns added to each jar, and into the fridge for a few weeks. Good Stuff!

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Peachy Keen

My wife got peaches from me this week. It would appear to be a remarkable peach season here. A mix of freestone and white doughnut peaches assembled with a pretty loose interpretation of a Bobby Flay Peach and Blackberry Pie recipe from another blogsite. The streusel is made with the flour left from our daily pressings of almond milk. Good Stuff!

peach pie

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Mash it up, mon

Let drain gradually

Berry Season is coming to an end. What a lovely summer it’s been. Here is a comprehensive review of the jelly process. Berries washed, juiced by mashing with the potato masher. Let your wife do this, not the kids! We’ve tried many methods of juice extraction but have the best luck with gravity. Of course, if making jam, extraction is extraneous. Cook per instructions with your pectin. In our experience, only strawberries have not required pectin.

cooking juice, heating jars

Wash your jars well

canning operations

Sanitize in the boiling water bath soon before filling, that they may retain some of the heat. Wipe the jars well after filling. Careful, they are very hot. Pay special attention to the top of the jar where the lid fixes. Tighten the bands and cook in the canner as directed. Cool for up to twenty four hours before tightening bands again, checking the dimple in the lid. Innie, good! Outie, bad! Spread on toast! Good Stuff!

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Grind the breasts

Brown the meats

Chicken Breasts on deep discount the other day. We ground ’em up for chili. Brown the meats, you will have to use some fatty meat, we often use beef. My wife likes to cook all the vegetables and spices separately and add to the master chili pot. Works good. Onion, pepper, jalapeno, tomatoes, chix stock, black beans, roasted corn, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and love. Good Stuff!

Finish with chopped cilantro

Plated and garnished

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