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Whole roasted black sea bass, Tautog.

Spring vegetable stuffed  black sea bass.

I love this town! Fresh fish almost literally falls from the sky right into your lap! We went right into the garden and gathered some savories – garlic scapes, peashoots, and onion bulbils, the partially developed onions resultant from the huge flowers the onions have borne all spring.


Cleaned, scored and arrayed about are the stuffing, garlic scapes, peashoots, and onion bulbils.

Cleaned, scored and arrayed about are the stuffing, garlic scapes, peashoots, and onion bulbils.

Stuffed the fish liberally, oiled it, seasoned heavily with salt and pepper, a few lemon slices, et voila – into the bag, en papillote.



en papillote

en papillote

The grill is hot, big bed of coals. Oil the bag very well or it will burst into flames. Cover the grill somewhat tightly, while it needs some air, too much will cause a conflagration! Ten minutes. Remove from heat, remove from bag, remove from bone. Serve with cold white wine – Mearsault?! Good Stuff!





Good Stuff! Tautog en papillote!

Good Stuff! Black sea bass en papillote!









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Grilled American Lamb Rack

Rested and seasoned

Plated with fresh salad greens and pan juice vinaigrette

Summer is creeping in and we’ve fired up the grill. The four bone half rack of lamb makes for a nice light dinner with a fresh green salad from the garden. Cook the rack to 125 or so degrees and rest for a considerable amount of time. Spread olive oil, chopped herbs, chopped fresh garlic, lemon, and salt & pepper on the cutting board you rest the rack on. Butcher the rack right there and plate over dry salad. Now scrape all juices and marinade into a small bowl. Add one egg yolk and stir well. Taste for salt and lemon and dress your plate. Good Stuff!

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Fresh tomatoes and lots of extra virgin olive oil. Peel and seed the tomatoes first. Cook much onion in much EVOO with much garlic, do not brown. Add prepped tomatoes and simmer for hours. Add fresh basil and parsley when you turn off the heat. Cool and reheat for best consistency. Good Stuff!

From the boiling water into the ice bath as soon as the skin starts to flake off.

Simmering, all evening.

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