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Time to add the simple syrup to the blood orangecello. Notice the syrup in the cabinet. All temperatures must be equal before mixing. Prevents clouding. Strawberries on right have syrup ( we’ve sampled, it’s OK!) Strawberries at rear await syrup. Remember one month on booze, another month with the syrup, then strain. Good Stuff!


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Fragolino update

On May 19 the berries went into the booze, on June 20, the simple syrup was made. Leave it in the same dark, cool place, you store the fragolino, overnight. Next day combine in a jar big enough and put away for another month. Good Stuff!

use the empty bottle to add as much sugar syrup as you added booze in the beginning.

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This is how we preserve local strawberries in our household.

cutting strawberries for fragolino

add the strongest booze your state allows

Wash the berries well. Let them dry. Slice or quarter and cover with alcohol. Let sit for a month. Add an equal amount of sugar syrup. Let sit for another month. Strain and serve. Heavenly

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