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Hand rolled garganelle for birthday mac n cheese

Spread out to dry overnight  After years of rolling pasta dough and feeding it through cutters for linguine, spaghetti, etc., we’ve finally tried our hand at shaped noodles. The handmade macaroni, garganelle, seemed to be the easiest shape to start with, it was only a matter of approximating a garganelle board for the rolling. We used a sushi mat, ordinarily used to roll sushi. The grooves are important to the sealing process while rolling. It turns out that the egg wash is completely unnecessary. The most important thing in our estimation is to keep your dough squares small, just over an inch on a side. We broke a likely handle off a wooden spoon and set to rolling, for the next four and a half hours. Worth it? Got four meals worth of noodles. Good Stuff!

Served with Manchester cheddar bechamel in a mac n cheese and an aged New York strip with chimichurri. Just can’t get enough of that Good Stuff!




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