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Braised Beet Greens and roasted beets

Dressed for Success

We are harvesting beets left and right, fresh beet green salads, pickled beets, and, a particular favorite, braised beet greens and roasted beets as sauce for raviolis from the freezer. This dinner wiped us out, some ricotta and goat cheese raviolis and some braised beef back rib raviolis. Good Stuff!


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assemble the room temperature ingredients.

if the dough does not stay together in these cigars, moisten.

First beets from the garden! Leftover mashed potatoes, goat cheese melted in a little cream, some flour, and eggyolk. Nothin to it. The dough should be firmer than bread dough, yet softer than pasta dough. Do not knead.

Roast the beets slow and covered. Wash well, but do not peel. We eat the peels.

Roast covered, oil, salt, and pepper, in a slow oven

´╗┐Wash the greens twice, change the water in between. Saute with much garlic and olive oil.

tossed and served with extra virgin olive oil

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Carrots, beets, strawberries, peas far...

...beets, peas, tomatoes far...

We’ve finished with the planting in the garden and can now relax with weeding, watering, and waiting. Good Stuff!

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