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Toasted Ginger Snap Pie Crust

Orange tool? Microplaner...dangerous. Say no more.

What to do with the ginger snaps that will not fade? We toasted 8 or 11 of them into a pie shell for key lime pie. Good Stuff!

Bake the crust empty, but bake it lightly and brush sparingly with egg white beforehand to seal completely. Use only fresh key limes, when not available, we wait.

Finished with whipped cream!


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Oh, Snap!

Ginger and Lemongrass snaps. They can burn your tongue, there is so much ginger in these things. Make your mouth go Snap!

Very finely minced.

Oh, Snap!

Cut the ginger into thin slices, stack them up and cut very thin rods, turn them and mince finely. Good Stuff!

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