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Blood Orange Mojo Marinated Pork Shoulder

Finished with Balsamic Glaze

Some of you may recall we put a tightly wrapped pork shoulder in the oven the other day. Here is some photographs of the results. This was a shakedown run for the same project to be knocked out in the smoker tomorrow. While it is easy to maintain a temperature in the oven, it is an entire other story in the smoker. Just got to stay on top of it. Cook the pork to 190 degrees and then let it rest for at least one hour, still wrapped, before placing in a hot smoker, 400 plus, to set the balsamic glaze. Serve with dirty rice. Good Stuff!


Plated with Dirty Rice and Broccolini

Check the recipe blog for balsamic glaze recipe.


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Brined shoulder

Hour or two into smoking operations

This smoked picnic shoulder took days of prep and a full day in the yard, and it was worth every minute. Marinated it first, overnight in a sort of Tomato Sishimi Mojo Marinade. Spicy, sweet, tart, salty, all good. Next day, rinsed well and brined overnight. Seasoned the brine with a couple cups of marinade. Next day, start your fire, soak your wood, and marinate regularly while smoking. This shoulder took 12 or so hours at 275 degrees. Flipped it occasionally, twice I believe, so the skin would be on top.

Later that afternoon, smoking corn for the cornbread.

Seven or so pm, two hours to go, still basting with mojo.

Remove the pork at 175 degrees for sliced meat. For tender pulled meat, cook to 190 degrees. Let the meat rest, covered, for at least an hour before serving. In the meantime, you may remove the skin and crisp it on a slow grill. Pull the meat with forks or tongs, a knife should  not be necessary. Dress with some mojo marinade and serve. Good Stuff!

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