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Grind the breasts

Brown the meats

Chicken Breasts on deep discount the other day. We ground ’em up for chili. Brown the meats, you will have to use some fatty meat, we often use beef. My wife likes to cook all the vegetables and spices separately and add to the master chili pot. Works good. Onion, pepper, jalapeno, tomatoes, chix stock, black beans, roasted corn, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and love. Good Stuff!

Finish with chopped cilantro

Plated and garnished


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Garden Pea Soup

assembled ingredients


The last of this year’s peas have been made into soup. Any peas that did not make the soup cut are being dried for next year’s crop. Bacsinzky city ham and onion start the pot. Next some homemade chicken stock from the freezer. Simmer for 15-20 minutes and puree. We did not season in anyway. Good Stuff!


This stuff freezes wonderfully!

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Clam Chowder

Only about an inch of water, cover tight

easy to shuck like this!

Fresh clams taken snorkeling. We steam them in very little water. Reserve and cool all the liquor this steaming creates. Cool, shuck, and chop the clams, reserve, also. Start a pot with a couple tablespoons bacon fat and some diced pork product of some sort. This batch used Baczinsky city ham. Add mirepoix (celery, onion, carrot,) and garlic. Cook ’til vegetables are soft, but not brown.

Med to high heat, always stirring.

done deal!

Add a half cup of flour for every half gallon of clam juice. Saute lightly and add chilled clam juice. Cook until it tastes like soup. Add some diced potato. Cook until tender. Add chopped clams, and herbs. Parsley, sage, rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano for clear chowder. For white add some cream and extra thyme, for red, add some diced tomato and extra oregano.

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