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Rapid Cooling

In this shot, cooling chickpea soup and chicken broth.

Many times in our posts we will refer to a process called rapid cooling. This is a method we use to rapidly lower the temperature of a food before storage. A  metal bowl works best, make sure it has a stable bottom, that it will sit flat. Often the tap water is cool enough to start this process, but ice makes it work much faster. In the winter we have put the bowl into a snowbank on the porch! Keep stirring the bowl until the contents have cooled considerably. This rapid cooling helps to greatly lower the risk of food hazards in the food cooled and also protects the food in the refrigerator from the changes in temperature caused by putting hot food right into the cold environment. That being said, do not leave food on the counter to cool. Either straight to the fridge or the icebath. Eat safe. Good Stuff!


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