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Hand rolled garganelle for birthday mac n cheese

Spread out to dry overnight  After years of rolling pasta dough and feeding it through cutters for linguine, spaghetti, etc., we’ve finally tried our hand at shaped noodles. The handmade macaroni, garganelle, seemed to be the easiest shape to start with, it was only a matter of approximating a garganelle board for the rolling. We used a sushi mat, ordinarily used to roll sushi. The grooves are important to the sealing process while rolling. It turns out that the egg wash is completely unnecessary. The most important thing in our estimation is to keep your dough squares small, just over an inch on a side. We broke a likely handle off a wooden spoon and set to rolling, for the next four and a half hours. Worth it? Got four meals worth of noodles. Good Stuff!

Served with Manchester cheddar bechamel in a mac n cheese and an aged New York strip with chimichurri. Just can’t get enough of that Good Stuff!




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Braised Beet Greens and roasted beets

Dressed for Success

We are harvesting beets left and right, fresh beet green salads, pickled beets, and, a particular favorite, braised beet greens and roasted beets as sauce for raviolis from the freezer. This dinner wiped us out, some ricotta and goat cheese raviolis and some braised beef back rib raviolis. Good Stuff!

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Fettucine Caprese

using the fett cutter

Dinner for two

Please make fresh pasta. Nothing compares. Chopped fresh tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, and mozzarella. This really takes minutes, plus about twenty minutes rest for the dough before rolling. Good Stuff!

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assemble the room temperature ingredients.

if the dough does not stay together in these cigars, moisten.

First beets from the garden! Leftover mashed potatoes, goat cheese melted in a little cream, some flour, and eggyolk. Nothin to it. The dough should be firmer than bread dough, yet softer than pasta dough. Do not knead.

Roast the beets slow and covered. Wash well, but do not peel. We eat the peels.

Roast covered, oil, salt, and pepper, in a slow oven

Wash the greens twice, change the water in between. Saute with much garlic and olive oil.

tossed and served with extra virgin olive oil

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Fresh tomatoes and lots of extra virgin olive oil. Peel and seed the tomatoes first. Cook much onion in much EVOO with much garlic, do not brown. Add prepped tomatoes and simmer for hours. Add fresh basil and parsley when you turn off the heat. Cool and reheat for best consistency. Good Stuff!

From the boiling water into the ice bath as soon as the skin starts to flake off.

Simmering, all evening.

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Raviolios Redux

Rib meat, L, and Ricotta, R

Cheese in rounds, and Meat in squares, easy ID

We make the raviolis in large batches and fill the freezer. Braised beef back ribs, cheap, meaty, and flavorful. Wilted farm fresh spinach mixed into both the meat mix and the ricotta mix. Good Stuff!

Let them dry for an hour before freezing or cooking.

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Braised lamb shoulder steaks and sauteed ramps. We bind with the dregs from the cheese drawer, a 1/4 disc of boucheron, the crust from the Humboldt fog, some shredded truffled sottoncere. Favorite pasta recipe will do, did you know you can make pasta dough in your bread machine? Good Stuff!

Different stages of assembly.

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