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Awaiting a diner

assembled ingredients

Caesar salad dressing can take time to learn and time to prepare, but it is so worth the both. We grind the coarse ingredients, garlic, anchovy, garlic, and mustard, with the mortar and pestle, but any food processor will do. Transfer to a steel mixing bowl kitchenaid bowl.

Paste of anchovy,garlic, mustard,egg

Adding the oil to your paste can be a delicate operation. We add a little mayo for stability. Add the oil very slowly, you will see it becomes incorporated into the paste. If the dressing “breaks”, that is, does not bind the oil, you simply start anew, slowly adding your “broken” dressing to a little mayo and mustard. Once you’ve added  at least two parts of oil to every part of your original paste, taste. If too pungent, add some more oil. Finish with an equal part lemon juice, and serve over romaine, fresh fro the garden. Good Stuff!

Build a caesar!


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saute until soft, add any bacon left from breakfast

Simmer for hours, finish with chopped cilantro and butter

The Mexican feast must have beans! We cook ours in much olive oil. After we add the beans, we add any leftover meats from the fridge. This batch got braised lamb and lamb gravy! Good Stuff!

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cook until soft, but with a slight bite.

have all ingredients ready before assembly

As promised, fishcakes with the leftovers. Ordinarily we have fish with potato, then bind our cakes with potato. Not this time, today we use bread crumbs from the heels of our homemade bread. If using bread crumbs, always combine the fish ( crab, shrimp,…) with the crumbs first, that the crumbs absorb the flavor of the protein. Cool the sauteed onion and celery and add fresh herbs to the mix when you combine all the ingredients. Add enough egg to hold together, but keep in mind we are not making omelettes. drop into hot, deep oil or form into flat cakes and cook both sides in shallow oil. Good Stuff!

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