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Summer Breeze?

Assembled Ingredients

Plated with saffron rice, fresh garden peas, and blood orange jus

Not quite yet, I guess, but one of summer’s harbingers, fresh blackfish fillet, appearing now in our local fish cases. Prepared today with pesto and blood orange, a works in progress you might say. Might have to use a tarter fruit or even vinegar. We always enjoy the saffron rice and fresh peas. Halfway through the cooking process of the rice, throw in a handful of peas. Good Stuff!


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Grilled American Lamb Rack

Rested and seasoned

Plated with fresh salad greens and pan juice vinaigrette

Summer is creeping in and we’ve fired up the grill. The four bone half rack of lamb makes for a nice light dinner with a fresh green salad from the garden. Cook the rack to 125 or so degrees and rest for a considerable amount of time. Spread olive oil, chopped herbs, chopped fresh garlic, lemon, and salt & pepper on the cutting board you rest the rack on. Butcher the rack right there and plate over dry salad. Now scrape all juices and marinade into a small bowl. Add one egg yolk and stir well. Taste for salt and lemon and dress your plate. Good Stuff!

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Naan baked on a redhot stone

The other night we had a fire in the new beach fireplace. Uh-huh, beach fireplace. Heated up the chikpea masala and the chicken masala and baked naan on a redhot rock within. First built a bed of hot coals, then placed a large flat rock in there. Watch for flaking and possible explosion of the rock. Stoke the fire alongside the stone and make sure it is very hot in there. Brush the stone off between each naan. Next – Pizza! Good Stuff!

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