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Broilin’ Hot

Flounder fillet seasoned with parsley butter and breadcrumb

Satisfactorily broiled flounder

Special thanks to Cochran’s seafood of Crescent Beach. Fresh flounder fillet, 6.95 a pound. About ten dollars a pound less than the fish markets that are open more than eight hours a week. So he keeps limited hours, you know the fish is fresh! Served with black beans and rice and braised arugula. Good Stuff!






Plated with black beans and rice and braised arugula


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Made with gobi masala recipe from subcontinental spread on recipe blog

Plated with basmati rice and Samosas

Celebrate the bounty of your local farmstands whenever you can pull it off. FL in January is like NY in September. It is just going off! Found some beautiful romanesco, slightly overpriced, but we will get three meals from one head. Assembled with the aloo gobi masala recipe from the recipe blog, this is a perfect sub for the cauliflower. Served with, perish the thought, beef samosas. Recipe to be found today on the recipe blog. A brilliant meal with maybe thirty minutes of preparation less resting time and simmering time. Enjoy on a cold evening. Good Stuff!



How cool is that?

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Speckled Spectacle

Finally got a bait under the blues

Plated with garam masala seared okra and rosti

After weeks of throwing spoons, wildeyes, and plugs at Matanzas inlet, finally got through the blues and recognized the tentative strike of the aptly named weakfish, or speckled seatrout. What a beautifully iridescent blue angel. Ate it neat and tidy with some cast iron seared local okra and rosti. Good Stuff!

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Beachside smoker, baby!

Sauteed onion and jalapeno and shredded cheddar added to the cornbread batter

Vacation will not slow the smokin’ apparatus. We plug on. Winn Dixie sale on pork roast, maybe too lean, but we make up for it with much olive oil in the mojo. Fresh cornbread hopped up on cilantro and other savory garnishes and a refreshing salad of local romaine, homemade preserved meyer lemon, and sliced pear. Something else, entirely. Started the day before when we cleaned the preserved meyer lemon and soaked the pork in the brine from the lemons for about fourteen hours. Served tepid with soft butter, mojo, and meyer lemon vinaigrette. Good Stuff!




The full spread with cornbread, mojo, and pear and preserved meyer lemon salad


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Pan seared filet mignon with roast potatoes and garlic and barely sauteed, quartered local brussel sprouts

Some come for the sun, some the family, and some for the food. Fresh local vegetables amount to kale, kale, and kale up home. Admittedly it’s not been long since the brussel sprouts either. Fresh Florida cabbages of all sorts are making their way to our table. These were quartered and sauteed with caramelized onions. Finished with chicken stock and butter, they could accompany just about any dish. Good Stuff!

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Matanzas blufish fillet with kumquats and meyer lemon

Much like your humble blogger, the bluefish have fled south for the winter. There is, however, nowhere to hide from our hunger! This sizely snapper was taken from beneath a school of fingerling blues in the Matanzas inlet. While he likely enjoyed the company he was keeping, we enjoyed him in the company of some fresh sugar snaps, cilantro scented polenta, and a kumquat and meyer lemon butter. Good Stuff!


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