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Beach Plum Jelly

Beach plums prunus maritimis

Yet another champion performer this summer, the traditionally sparse beach plum harvest came around this year with fruit in every stand of plum trees in town. They are about the size of a cherry but do not have as much flesh as one, mostly pit. They make amazing jelly. Cook as for concord grapes with one cup less sugar than called for…and don’t get me started on the concord grapes! Good Stuff!

Cooking plum juice

sanitizing and preheating jars


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Mash it up, mon

Let drain gradually

Berry Season is coming to an end. What a lovely summer it’s been. Here is a comprehensive review of the jelly process. Berries washed, juiced by mashing with the potato masher. Let your wife do this, not the kids! We’ve tried many methods of juice extraction but have the best luck with gravity. Of course, if making jam, extraction is extraneous. Cook per instructions with your pectin. In our experience, only strawberries have not required pectin.

cooking juice, heating jars

Wash your jars well

canning operations

Sanitize in the boiling water bath soon before filling, that they may retain some of the heat. Wipe the jars well after filling. Careful, they are very hot. Pay special attention to the top of the jar where the lid fixes. Tighten the bands and cook in the canner as directed. Cool for up to twenty four hours before tightening bands again, checking the dimple in the lid. Innie, good! Outie, bad! Spread on toast! Good Stuff!

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Wineberry Jelly

6 quarts, carefully washed and dried

7 cups sugar, 4 cups juice

Two days picking wild wineberries yielded 3 pounds of berries. Too tart to pop, the juice makes fine daiquiris and cosmos, but lends itself wonderfully to jelly! Follow the instructions on the pectin. Good Stuff!

running out of jars

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