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Friut of the Sea

Frutti di Mare

Tonight’s first course. Fresh harvested from local town waters. Good Stuff!

Check the recipe blog for a nifty oyster dish. Good Stuff!

Plated First Course


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Forgot the Tongs, had to Improvise

Not Just for Pancakes

Camping. Communing with nature and my lovely wife. Sometimes cooking over the open fire, sometimes over the campstove, and sometimes both. We marinated these steaks in garlic, olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar. Cooked the sliced portobellos with the greens of some freshly harvested sweet onions. Baked potatoes pulled form the white hot coals. Good Stuff!


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A little Fowl

Young chicken browned on all sides before roasting

Oven roasted careful to not overcook

Found in my local market ( well, twenty miles away, but…) The petit pouissin, young chicken is exactly enough for dinner for two. This one weighed about 1 pound. Seasoned it generously with salt, pepper, and herb oil. Seared and then roasted at 350 degrees until the thigh was about 160 degrees. Some may like their bird cooked a little more ( especially the young, old, or infirm,) but we take our chances for moisture. And moist it was! Served with my wife’s heavenly spinach quiche ( find on recipe blog ) and pan juices. We used the neck, wings, and fat to make a small amount of stock for the sauce then deglazed the roasting pan with an ounce or two of our dinner wine. Finished with the stock, rosemary, and butter. Good Stuff!


Served with homemade spinach quiche


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Bread with a Twist

Fill and roll it up

Leave plenty of space to rise

Dough! Sometimes we take a good portion of the bread dough and make cinnamon buns or sticky buns. Spread the dough flat and spread with a favorite streusel recipe. Two parts butter, two parts flour, and five parts sugar is a good starting place. Season with salt and add some nuts. Put some streusel in the bottom of the pan as well. This will be the top when you flip them out of the pan. Once the dough recipe works good for bread, you can do just about anything with it. Good Stuff!



Risen to the heights

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