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Favas, asparagus, and broccoli!

When making pierogi there is often scrap dough. What a joy! Rolled thin, cut thin, these noodles are boiled and served in chicken soup. Waste not, want not. Good Stuff!



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Berry Nice

Another way to preserve strawberries. Nothing like down home, local strawberries are in, abundant, and sweeter than first love. A friend suggested freezing to savor the fleeting season. Thanks, Y. We stuff into zip

Local berries washed, pared, and spread for freezing.

locs after freezing. Good Stuff!

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Steak dinner. One Bohemian steak, one triangle tip steak, two little-used, but superior cuts. Grilled to 125 degrees, rested and sliced for rare. The Plenum is a joint venture from Tuscany’s Dievole Chianti house and Ramozeiros of Portugal’s Douro region. 50% Sangiovese and 50% Tourniga Franca.Good Stuff!

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Oh, Snap!

Ginger and Lemongrass snaps. They can burn your tongue, there is so much ginger in these things. Make your mouth go Snap!

Very finely minced.

Oh, Snap!

Cut the ginger into thin slices, stack them up and cut very thin rods, turn them and mince finely. Good Stuff!

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Braised lamb shoulder steaks and sauteed ramps. We bind with the dregs from the cheese drawer, a 1/4 disc of boucheron, the crust from the Humboldt fog, some shredded truffled sottoncere. Favorite pasta recipe will do, did you know you can make pasta dough in your bread machine? Good Stuff!

Different stages of assembly.

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Prime Rib of Beef. Roast prime rib whole, if possible, no less than half (around 7-8 pounds at least.) Roast slow and low to an interior temp of 120. Let rest at least 30 minutes before slicing and serving. More important than all of that, heavy seasoning. Seen here, we apply as much as 3/4 cup salt to each 15+ pound rib. Also a solid 1/4 cup of coarse pepper. Scrape it off before service. This allows for deep and consistent seasoning.

Mounds of salt and pepper, twice is nice.

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We cannot recommend strongly enough for any garden, fava beans, they can be eaten as greens, tendrils, flowers, and, of course, beans. Watch for every step. Good stuff!

Fava bean sprout, about 12-14"

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