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Dinner for 12

Table for twelve

Coconut Angelfood with Lime Curd

Simply remove all furniture from the largest room and insert fourteen feet of table. Client provided chairs, flatware, crystal(glass!) Less than 300 dollars spent on food and wine. Five courses later, Birthday Cake! Good Stuff!


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Sea and sand cake

sea and sand cake

Coconut Cake with cream cheese icing and shredded coconut. This cake is so beautiful. Tan as beach sand on the inside, and just enough blue and green food coloring in the icing for a sea blue hue. Good Stuff!

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Grapefruit Cake

Zest first and let dry some time before juicing.

All room temperature

This is the cake we baked for our wedding reception. Actually, that was an oil recipe, and this is an adaptation of a butter cake. Read your recipe carefully and assemble all ingredients, prepare your baking pans, and preheat your oven before assembling. Cakemaking, like all baking is chemistry, so attentively monitor your temps, measurements, and times.

Ready to be frosted

Make sure your cakes are completely


cool before frosting. A dollop on the cake stand will hold everything still. Frost lightly between the layers. Do the exterior in two coats. This will keep crumbs out of the finish coat. That’s grapefruit zest in our icing. Good Stuff!

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