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Salvaged fireplace - woodburning oven

Assembled ingredients

As promised, pizza in the backyard oven. There will be much experimentation and some misses. Last night we had a hit! A simple pizza dough recipe from the family cookbook, some garden fresh herbs and arugula, and some leftover meatballs and sauce. Good Stuff!

Tonight we lowered the stone and surrounded it with coals, much better results. Further bulletins to follow.



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Let rise until double in bulk, then punch down and portion.

did one by hand, for show. Use a rolling pin!

Why not? Fun to do together. Start the pizza dough, halfway through its only rise, turn on the oven. 500 degrees with your pizza stone. When the rise is complete, divide your dough as directed. Mind the size of your stone (no 12″ pies on a 12″ stone, for instance.) Let the dough rest, covered, on an oiled pan for 15-20 minutes before rolling out. It may alternately be refrigerated for several hours at this point. Allow 20 minutes for the dough to come up to room temp before working.

Roll with a pin, on a lightly floured surface, to 1/4 to 3/8 inch. Spread olive oil, or better, herb oil, before your sauce. Toppings, in whatever order you fancy. These dry anchovies must have the salt rinsed off, a short soak makes cleaning easier, and the bones removed. Gently lift the pieĀ  and onto the brick. You will need a peel or a rimless cookie sheet to move the raw pizza around.

Good Stuff!

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