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Bycatch? By Blazes, Yes!

That time of year!

Cleaned and skinned

It is that time of year, again! Soon we will see them in the harbors and near shore waters, but here is an appearance from a friend’s bycatch. Fresh, local squid. It is not as messy a prospect as one would believe. Just be careful, methodical, and determined. Remove the heads by securely grabbing the head and removing it and all of the attached innards in, hopefully, one efficient movement. Pinch off the eyes, beak, and long tentacles and discard (some save the long tentacles.) Skin the calamari by removing the swimfins, the skin will want to peel off in the process. remove all the skin. Inside the squid body will be the glassine “skeleton,” grasp securely and remove. Rinse well and allow to drain well. Now stuff, fry, broil, sautee…Good Stuff! Check the recipe blog for some preparations!


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Spring into Action

Spring into action with crocuses, later sunsets, and southwest winds. Start warming the kitchen and the soul with hand rolled spring rolls. They freeze surprisingly well and cook in very little time once prepared. If cooking from frozen, allow to defrost only slightly, perhaps one hour, on absorbent towels before frying. If cooking day of preparation, allow to air dry for one hour before frying. We are careful to fry in a high-sided pot to contain some of the splashing. Always monitor the temperature of your oil with a candy or deep fryer thermometer and never leave the frying pot unattended. Serve with duck sauce, soy sauce, or even your favorite hot sauce. Good Stuff!    Check the recipe blog for instructions and ingredients!

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Blood Orange Mojo Marinated Pork Shoulder

Finished with Balsamic Glaze

Some of you may recall we put a tightly wrapped pork shoulder in the oven the other day. Here is some photographs of the results. This was a shakedown run for the same project to be knocked out in the smoker tomorrow. While it is easy to maintain a temperature in the oven, it is an entire other story in the smoker. Just got to stay on top of it. Cook the pork to 190 degrees and then let it rest for at least one hour, still wrapped, before placing in a hot smoker, 400 plus, to set the balsamic glaze. Serve with dirty rice. Good Stuff!


Plated with Dirty Rice and Broccolini

Check the recipe blog for balsamic glaze recipe.

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Mardi Gras

Sugar Doughnuts, not giving these up for Lent!

Fat Tuesday has always been doughnut day in our family. Always take great care when deep frying in your home. Do not ever leave the fryer unattended or unmonitored by your thermometer. Yesterday we made some lovely sugar doughnuts. Decidedly impiously, we will be eating them today, as well. Good Stuff!

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