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sauteing the mirepoix and beef

dogs in chili bath

Brown the beef, we did about a pound, and add the rest, onions, garlic, jalapeno, chili powder, cumin, paprika,… Cook well and finish with a can of tomato paste. Add only as much water or stock as necessary. Simmer your dogs right in the chili! Good Stuff!


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Awaiting a diner

assembled ingredients

Caesar salad dressing can take time to learn and time to prepare, but it is so worth the both. We grind the coarse ingredients, garlic, anchovy, garlic, and mustard, with the mortar and pestle, but any food processor will do. Transfer to a steel mixing bowl kitchenaid bowl.

Paste of anchovy,garlic, mustard,egg

Adding the oil to your paste can be a delicate operation. We add a little mayo for stability. Add the oil very slowly, you will see it becomes incorporated into the paste. If the dressing “breaks”, that is, does not bind the oil, you simply start anew, slowly adding your “broken” dressing to a little mayo and mustard. Once you’ve added  at least two parts of oil to every part of your original paste, taste. If too pungent, add some more oil. Finish with an equal part lemon juice, and serve over romaine, fresh fro the garden. Good Stuff!

Build a caesar!

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Spring's Best, 'Gansett berries, upstate fiddleheads and ramps, LI asparagus

Spring road trip netted the above fare. Very pleased to have these in the larder. Ramps will go in raviolis. Fiddleheads tonight with the triangle tip steak, but wait ’til you see what we do with the strawberries.

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Baked Bread

And two rises in the bowl, one rise in the pan, 30 min. in the oven later, voila…

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Our mission is clear. We will not eat processed foods, we will not eat prepared foods, we will create our foodstuffs, goodfoodstuff, from scratch. There will be stocks, and fresh baked bread, soups, raviolis in the freezer, and preserved garden harvests. We are just concerned about what big corn is putting into our diets, concerned about what they are putting in our cows’ diets. Limit exposure to these poisons by determining what goes in.

GoodFoodStuff is a full-service site. We will address any issue out there about this revolutionary diet planning service. We will personalize any dish for any dietary needs. We will expertly simplify even the historically most difficult culinary creations and bring it on home for you. GoodFoodStuff feeds you. And we feed you right.

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