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Naan baked on a redhot stone

The other night we had a fire in the new beach fireplace. Uh-huh, beach fireplace. Heated up the chikpea masala and the chicken masala and baked naan on a redhot rock within. First built a bed of hot coals, then placed a large flat rock in there. Watch for flaking and possible explosion of the rock. Stoke the fire alongside the stone and make sure it is very hot in there. Brush the stone off between each naan. Next – Pizza! Good Stuff!


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A little Fowl

Young chicken browned on all sides before roasting

Oven roasted careful to not overcook

Found in my local market ( well, twenty miles away, but…) The petit pouissin, young chicken is exactly enough for dinner for two. This one weighed about 1 pound. Seasoned it generously with salt, pepper, and herb oil. Seared and then roasted at 350 degrees until the thigh was about 160 degrees. Some may like their bird cooked a little more ( especially the young, old, or infirm,) but we take our chances for moisture. And moist it was! Served with my wife’s heavenly spinach quiche ( find on recipe blog ) and pan juices. We used the neck, wings, and fat to make a small amount of stock for the sauce then deglazed the roasting pan with an ounce or two of our dinner wine. Finished with the stock, rosemary, and butter. Good Stuff!


Served with homemade spinach quiche


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Grind the breasts

Brown the meats

Chicken Breasts on deep discount the other day. We ground ’em up for chili. Brown the meats, you will have to use some fatty meat, we often use beef. My wife likes to cook all the vegetables and spices separately and add to the master chili pot. Works good. Onion, pepper, jalapeno, tomatoes, chix stock, black beans, roasted corn, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and love. Good Stuff!

Finish with chopped cilantro

Plated and garnished

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Chicken Stock

A bag of scraps and a pack of feet!

Who rules this barnyard?

We keep all the savory vegetable scraps, use them for stock. We use chicken feet for stock. Intense flavor and body. Stocks simmer for hour after boil. Gelatinous stocks need more (beef, veal, lamb, demi…)

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