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Favas, asparagus, and broccoli!

When making pierogi there is often scrap dough. What a joy! Rolled thin, cut thin, these noodles are boiled and served in chicken soup. Waste not, want not. Good Stuff!



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On a recent trip out West, ran through Riverhead, Polishtown, U.S.A., and picked up some Krajana, some nice dry Kabolosy, and some raw Kielbasa. The Krajana is kielbasa made with large chunks of pork and smoked, ready to eat. The Kabolosy is best described as kielbasa jerky.

Raw kielbasa, top. Krajana, left. Kabolosy, in ziploc.

We setup pierogi operations and went to work. Really just potato raviolis, the pierogi start with cheddar cheese mashed potatoes (we cannot abide by velveeta, the standard.)

Noodle rounds and cheddar mashed. Yum!

Boiled and fried with onions

Stuffed into noodle rounds, the pierogi dry for some time, then boil for a few minutes, now freeze or, more likely, fry with onions. They can be frozen prior to the boil.

Some pickled beets, cole slaw, grilled broccoli. It is on. Good Stuff!

Made for a Pole

Grilled Broccoli

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