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Salvaged fireplace - woodburning oven

Assembled ingredients

As promised, pizza in the backyard oven. There will be much experimentation and some misses. Last night we had a hit! A simple pizza dough recipe from the family cookbook, some garden fresh herbs and arugula, and some leftover meatballs and sauce. Good Stuff!

Tonight we lowered the stone and surrounded it with coals, much better results. Further bulletins to follow.



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Naan baked on a redhot stone

The other night we had a fire in the new beach fireplace. Uh-huh, beach fireplace. Heated up the chikpea masala and the chicken masala and baked naan on a redhot rock within. First built a bed of hot coals, then placed a large flat rock in there. Watch for flaking and possible explosion of the rock. Stoke the fire alongside the stone and make sure it is very hot in there. Brush the stone off between each naan. Next – Pizza! Good Stuff!

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Bread with a Twist

Fill and roll it up

Leave plenty of space to rise

Dough! Sometimes we take a good portion of the bread dough and make cinnamon buns or sticky buns. Spread the dough flat and spread with a favorite streusel recipe. Two parts butter, two parts flour, and five parts sugar is a good starting place. Season with salt and add some nuts. Put some streusel in the bottom of the pan as well. This will be the top when you flip them out of the pan. Once the dough recipe works good for bread, you can do just about anything with it. Good Stuff!



Risen to the heights

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Nice Buns!

Just risen to perfection

Eight hot dog buns

There is no written rule that determines that bread must be in a loaf. Either make one loaf and use the other half of your bread dough for rolls, buns, … sticky buns? We stretched the recipe by a half again and made these alongside our two loaves. Careful when adapting baking recipes and be prepared for failure. There is a chemistry to baking that is hard to tweak. But when you get it right, Good Stuff!

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White Bread redux


Lovely leavened lumps

There are so many ways to improve upon your breadmaking. Number one, keep doing it. We buy the occasional baguette, rare bagel, but nearly all our bread needs are satisfied in house. Two, additions, we always add wheat germ and wheat bran to the flour in the bread, notice the specks in the rising loaves at right. Three, note carefully, the times and temperatures you are operating at, environment and atmosphere are big parts of successful breadmaking. Good Stuff!

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Cast iron skillets, smoking hot.

One of the best companions to tender barbecue. Good cornbread. This one has no sugar and the corn is smoked alongside the pork for about two hours. Some sauteed onions and jalapenos for bite, and a couple handfuls shredded cheddar cheese. Good Stuff!

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Wholesome Goodness

Assembled ingredients

I knead you

Fresh homemade bread made better. We’ve been adding two tablespoons wheat germ and one tablespoon wheat bran for each cup flour. We bought some lard for pie crusts and used it as the shortening in this bread. Great move. Assemble all your ingredients and pay attention to the temperatures called for in your recipe. Good Stuff!

risen til doubled in bulk

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