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A little Fowl

Young chicken browned on all sides before roasting

Oven roasted careful to not overcook

Found in my local market ( well, twenty miles away, but…) The petit pouissin, young chicken is exactly enough for dinner for two. This one weighed about 1 pound. Seasoned it generously with salt, pepper, and herb oil. Seared and then roasted at 350 degrees until the thigh was about 160 degrees. Some may like their bird cooked a little more ( especially the young, old, or infirm,) but we take our chances for moisture. And moist it was! Served with my wife’s heavenly spinach quiche ( find on recipe blog ) and pan juices. We used the neck, wings, and fat to make a small amount of stock for the sauce then deglazed the roasting pan with an ounce or two of our dinner wine. Finished with the stock, rosemary, and butter. Good Stuff!


Served with homemade spinach quiche



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In her Prime


Beef tenderloin USDA Prime

Fully roasted two hours before service

Please always remember the importance of great ingredients. Prime beef truly has no substitute. It can be hard to source. Once you do have a reliable source, nurture and protect it. Special thanks to the crew at Main Street Meats in Farmingdale, NY for this particularly prime pismo beef tenderloin. Reach them at 516 249 8200. I was led to believe they will make retail deliveries in our area. This piece of meat is surely featured on our recipe blog. Check it out! Good Stuff!


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Prime Rib of Beef. Roast prime rib whole, if possible, no less than half (around 7-8 pounds at least.) Roast slow and low to an interior temp of 120. Let rest at least 30 minutes before slicing and serving. More important than all of that, heavy seasoning. Seen here, we apply as much as 3/4 cup salt to each 15+ pound rib. Also a solid 1/4 cup of coarse pepper. Scrape it off before service. This allows for deep and consistent seasoning.

Mounds of salt and pepper, twice is nice.

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