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Plated fava bean salad

The first fava beans of the season will soon be coming in. We jumped the gun a bit at the local market. Labor intensive, fava beans are worth the effort. Remove individual beans from the pods. Using a paring knife, or the corner of a fingernail, remove the soft skin covering each bean. We eat the beans raw, but they can also be steamed or boiled very shortly.When steaming fresh beans and peas of any sort, if you will not be eating them immediately or will be eating them cold, they must be immersed in ice water to arrest the cooking process.

This preparation is simply fresh beans, shaved romano cheese, lemon juice, truffle oil(olive oil will do,) and salt and pepper. Good Stuff!


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We cannot recommend strongly enough for any garden, fava beans, they can be eaten as greens, tendrils, flowers, and, of course, beans. Watch for every step. Good stuff!

Fava bean sprout, about 12-14"

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