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Veal Stock

Bones roasted toasty brown for veal stock

Deglaze with water

Decided to braise some Osso Buco for my darling wife. Fortunately, the market had veal bones as well as the sliced hindshanks I was looking for. Throw the dry unseasoned bones on a roasting pan. The pan must have sides as the bones will create some amount of fat in the rendering. Roast at 400 or more degrees for an hour or more, until toasty brown. Lift the roasted bones into a large stockpot and add your aromatic vegetables to the hot fat in the roasting pan. Celery, onion, carrot, herb stems, parsnip, bay leaf… Roast until slightly browned and deglaze the pan with some water. Add all to the large stockpot and bring to a boil. According to Escoffier, only veal stock benefits from more than one hour of simmering, all other stocks should be removed from the heat after one hour. Simmer your veal stock for at least three hours. At the restaurant, we left it on overnight. Remove from heat, strain well, and rapid chill. We boil the used bones again creating a stock called the “remoulage.” This weak broth will be used to headstart the next veal stock. Check the recipe blog for the Osso Buco. Good Stuff!


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Chicken Stock

A bag of scraps and a pack of feet!

Who rules this barnyard?

We keep all the savory vegetable scraps, use them for stock. We use chicken feet for stock. Intense flavor and body. Stocks simmer for hour after boil. Gelatinous stocks need more (beef, veal, lamb, demi…)

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