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bearing much fruit

The Garden is cooking right along, free tomato plants are now six feet high and bearing much fruit. Beets are overwhelming us. The wife finds enough strawberries each day for her granola. All on a daily watering, an infrequent feeding, and an occasional poisoning. Good Stuff!

beets, carrots, strawberry cage

basil lemongrass


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Sea and sand cake

sea and sand cake

Coconut Cake with cream cheese icing and shredded coconut. This cake is so beautiful. Tan as beach sand on the inside, and just enough blue and green food coloring in the icing for a sea blue hue. Good Stuff!

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Garden Pea Soup

assembled ingredients


The last of this year’s peas have been made into soup. Any peas that did not make the soup cut are being dried for next year’s crop. Bacsinzky city ham and onion start the pot. Next some homemade chicken stock from the freezer. Simmer for 15-20 minutes and puree. We did not season in anyway. Good Stuff!


This stuff freezes wonderfully!

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Braised Beet Greens and roasted beets

Dressed for Success

We are harvesting beets left and right, fresh beet green salads, pickled beets, and, a particular favorite, braised beet greens and roasted beets as sauce for raviolis from the freezer. This dinner wiped us out, some ricotta and goat cheese raviolis and some braised beef back rib raviolis. Good Stuff!

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sauteing the mirepoix and beef

dogs in chili bath

Brown the beef, we did about a pound, and add the rest, onions, garlic, jalapeno, chili powder, cumin, paprika,… Cook well and finish with a can of tomato paste. Add only as much water or stock as necessary. Simmer your dogs right in the chili! Good Stuff!

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Wineberry Jelly

6 quarts, carefully washed and dried

7 cups sugar, 4 cups juice

Two days picking wild wineberries yielded 3 pounds of berries. Too tart to pop, the juice makes fine daiquiris and cosmos, but lends itself wonderfully to jelly! Follow the instructions on the pectin. Good Stuff!

running out of jars

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Awaiting a diner

assembled ingredients

Caesar salad dressing can take time to learn and time to prepare, but it is so worth the both. We grind the coarse ingredients, garlic, anchovy, garlic, and mustard, with the mortar and pestle, but any food processor will do. Transfer to a steel mixing bowl kitchenaid bowl.

Paste of anchovy,garlic, mustard,egg

Adding the oil to your paste can be a delicate operation. We add a little mayo for stability. Add the oil very slowly, you will see it becomes incorporated into the paste. If the dressing “breaks”, that is, does not bind the oil, you simply start anew, slowly adding your “broken” dressing to a little mayo and mustard. Once you’ve added  at least two parts of oil to every part of your original paste, taste. If too pungent, add some more oil. Finish with an equal part lemon juice, and serve over romaine, fresh fro the garden. Good Stuff!

Build a caesar!

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