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Scotch Eggs. A birthday treat for my wife’s brother.Hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in breakfast sausage, breaded, deep-fried, and served hot, warm , or cold?! They are a colossal pain in the kiester! In an effort to lighten(?) them a bit, we worked some sauteed onion and celery along with breadcrumb and egg into the raw pork sausage. Don’t know if they were any lighter than ordinary, but they were recieved as the “…best Scotch eggs I’ve ever had,” oh such Good Stuff!


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Mardi Gras

Sugar Doughnuts, not giving these up for Lent!

Fat Tuesday has always been doughnut day in our family. Always take great care when deep frying in your home. Do not ever leave the fryer unattended or unmonitored by your thermometer. Yesterday we made some lovely sugar doughnuts. Decidedly impiously, we will be eating them today, as well. Good Stuff!

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Bread with a Twist

Fill and roll it up

Leave plenty of space to rise

Dough! Sometimes we take a good portion of the bread dough and make cinnamon buns or sticky buns. Spread the dough flat and spread with a favorite streusel recipe. Two parts butter, two parts flour, and five parts sugar is a good starting place. Season with salt and add some nuts. Put some streusel in the bottom of the pan as well. This will be the top when you flip them out of the pan. Once the dough recipe works good for bread, you can do just about anything with it. Good Stuff!



Risen to the heights

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Crunchy Granola

Toasting granola

We’ve been making granola at home. Takes about as long as it does to eat lunch to prepare a batch. Use good oats, rolled, thick, and toast them for a short time alone before using them in the granola recipe. They can retain moisture. When choosing a recipe, look for what you like, but we like to stick to references we trust and adapt a recipe from there. Check the recipe blog for a short and sweet granola that is done in an hour. Good Stuff!

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