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Raspberry, Very Nice!

Raspberry Streusel Pie

Golden Raspberries. Sweet and tart and perfect for pie. We threw two pints of berries, 1/4 cup raspberry jelly, and 2 tablespoons tapioca together into a prebaked pieshell. over with a favorite streusel recipe, 2 parts butter, 2 parts butter, and 5 parts sugar. Finish the streusel with a half cup of chopped nuts. In this pie we used hulled hemp seeds. Good Stuff!


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Peachy Keen

My wife got peaches from me this week. It would appear to be a remarkable peach season here. A mix of freestone and white doughnut peaches assembled with a pretty loose interpretation of a Bobby Flay Peach and Blackberry Pie recipe from another blogsite. The streusel is made with the flour left from our daily pressings of almond milk. Good Stuff!

peach pie

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