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Beachside smoker, baby!

Sauteed onion and jalapeno and shredded cheddar added to the cornbread batter

Vacation will not slow the smokin’ apparatus. We plug on. Winn Dixie sale on pork roast, maybe too lean, but we make up for it with much olive oil in the mojo. Fresh cornbread hopped up on cilantro and other savory garnishes and a refreshing salad of local romaine, homemade preserved meyer lemon, and sliced pear. Something else, entirely. Started the day before when we cleaned the preserved meyer lemon and soaked the pork in the brine from the lemons for about fourteen hours. Served tepid with soft butter, mojo, and meyer lemon vinaigrette. Good Stuff!




The full spread with cornbread, mojo, and pear and preserved meyer lemon salad



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Cast iron skillets, smoking hot.

One of the best companions to tender barbecue. Good cornbread. This one has no sugar and the corn is smoked alongside the pork for about two hours. Some sauteed onions and jalapenos for bite, and a couple handfuls shredded cheddar cheese. Good Stuff!

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