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Awaiting a diner

assembled ingredients

Caesar salad dressing can take time to learn and time to prepare, but it is so worth the both. We grind the coarse ingredients, garlic, anchovy, garlic, and mustard, with the mortar and pestle, but any food processor will do. Transfer to a steel mixing bowl kitchenaid bowl.

Paste of anchovy,garlic, mustard,egg

Adding the oil to your paste can be a delicate operation. We add a little mayo for stability. Add the oil very slowly, you will see it becomes incorporated into the paste. If the dressing “breaks”, that is, does not bind the oil, you simply start anew, slowly adding your “broken” dressing to a little mayo and mustard. Once you’ve added  at least two parts of oil to every part of your original paste, taste. If too pungent, add some more oil. Finish with an equal part lemon juice, and serve over romaine, fresh fro the garden. Good Stuff!

Build a caesar!


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Mint Juleps

Hi Octane Cooling without those messy electrolytes!

We have discovered that mint and ice will make anything cooler. Way cooler! Simple syrup, mint, lime, and bourbon. Muddle the mint well. We just use a contrived plastic cocktail shaker. Then add your wet ingredients, shake again, strain, and serve. Good Stuff!

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Time to add the simple syrup to the blood orangecello. Notice the syrup in the cabinet. All temperatures must be equal before mixing. Prevents clouding. Strawberries on right have syrup ( we’ve sampled, it’s OK!) Strawberries at rear await syrup. Remember one month on booze, another month with the syrup, then strain. Good Stuff!

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Sun Tea

covered to keep out bugs, rain, dirt...

sweeten to taste. drink soon!

Sometimes the simplest preparations are the best. Sun tea, 1 bag for each cup of filtered water. It only takes a couple hours. Sun tea has a markedly mild flavor that can be brought down even more by adding more filtered water after brewing. Sweeten and lemon to taste. We like to leave the lemon in to leech out some lemon oil. Good Stuff!

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