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Seasoning the Season

Fresh herbs from the garden and beyond

Herbs chopped fine and covered with olive oil

We got a greenhouse up just before the cold spell and we are still harvesting peppers and tomatoes. The herbs, however, did not merit the attention and we harvested them all the other day before a freeze. The basil was long gone and we had to purchase some. Drats! Go heavy on the parsley and light on the rosemary and sage. Chop by hand, the food processor will usually bruise the herbs. Cover with extra virgin olive oil and refrigerate, indefinitely. Use the herbs to season everything, grilled meats and fish, sauteed or steamed vegetables, soups, and sauces. Good Stuff!


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30 degrees outside and 275 in!

Don’t let the snowfall dampen the smoker plans. We just brought it a little closer to the house for comfort and to get out of the thirty mile wind.

About four bucks worth of pork, I think charcoal costs will be higher than that. Sour orange mojo has been on this belly for two days. Check recipe blogsite. Good Stuff!

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Parmesan at left, and a truffled hard cow(cheese!) at right.

Aged Balsamic vinegar of Modena recalls a quote from a talent I once worked for, Chef Robert. “A parade in my mouth!” Aged Balsamic may actually be the marching band. While it cannot be purchased at the supermarket, it is readily available on the internet. It is also occasionally available, at a premium, at some of your local specialty stores, butchers, and fishmongers.

Shown here are a ten year from Leonardi and a forty year from La Vecchia Dispensa. Here served with Parmesan, a staple with balsamic, and a truffled hard cow cheese. Have all at room temperature for service. Good Stuff!

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