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Speckled Spectacle

Finally got a bait under the blues

Plated with garam masala seared okra and rosti

After weeks of throwing spoons, wildeyes, and plugs at Matanzas inlet, finally got through the blues and recognized the tentative strike of the aptly named weakfish, or speckled seatrout. What a beautifully iridescent blue angel. Ate it neat and tidy with some cast iron seared local okra and rosti. Good Stuff!


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Forgot the Tongs, had to Improvise

Not Just for Pancakes

Camping. Communing with nature and my lovely wife. Sometimes cooking over the open fire, sometimes over the campstove, and sometimes both. We marinated these steaks in garlic, olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar. Cooked the sliced portobellos with the greens of some freshly harvested sweet onions. Baked potatoes pulled form the white hot coals. Good Stuff!


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