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Scotch Eggs. A birthday treat for my wife’s brother.Hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in breakfast sausage, breaded, deep-fried, and served hot, warm , or cold?! They are a colossal pain in the kiester! In an effort to lighten(?) them a bit, we worked some sauteed onion and celery along with breadcrumb and egg into the raw pork sausage. Don’t know if they were any lighter than ordinary, but they were recieved as the “…best Scotch eggs I’ve ever had,” oh such Good Stuff!


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A little Fowl

Young chicken browned on all sides before roasting

Oven roasted careful to not overcook

Found in my local market ( well, twenty miles away, but…) The petit pouissin, young chicken is exactly enough for dinner for two. This one weighed about 1 pound. Seasoned it generously with salt, pepper, and herb oil. Seared and then roasted at 350 degrees until the thigh was about 160 degrees. Some may like their bird cooked a little more ( especially the young, old, or infirm,) but we take our chances for moisture. And moist it was! Served with my wife’s heavenly spinach quiche ( find on recipe blog ) and pan juices. We used the neck, wings, and fat to make a small amount of stock for the sauce then deglazed the roasting pan with an ounce or two of our dinner wine. Finished with the stock, rosemary, and butter. Good Stuff!


Served with homemade spinach quiche


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