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Plated with crisp potato, tomato vinaigrette, and braised Tuscan kale

Assembled ingredients

Fresh Cod and a deep craving. My wife has been asking for Asian flavors, went for one of my favorite dishes from an old Pac Time/Pac East menu. Made a tomato vinaigrette with some marinara, added some ginger, coriander, cardamon, and clove along with some Chinese black vinegar. One peeled tomato cut in quarters for the plate. Some braised Tuscan kale, used guanciale for the fat and spices, some ginger, basil, and shallot. And the star, barely cooked cod, about mid-rare. Cooked the potato crisps ourselves, but they work just as well from the can. Good Stuff!



Guanciale with ginger and shallot.



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